Cloud Security

Provide assurance to your customers regarding the authenticity of your software by automatically signing it prior to release and use.

Our Solution

Even though the cloud security providers has the best in place security controls and provides you with strong protection, there is still the need to protect the data stored in the cloud.

CacheNEXT security as a service protects your data stored in cloud environment and helps you maintain standards and achieve compliance. Our Security As A Service cloud based approach delivers organizations with

  • An expert security team with depth in knowledge about cloud security architecture who helps you in monitoring your data against ever changing threat landscape.
  • Provides Pro-active response to the identified threats and helps in protecting the sensitive data from security breaches and helps in mitigating the risks.
  • With our expertise in evolving security threats detection and real time monitoring, most of the zero day attacks are reduced making your environment and data robust to new attacks.
  • We deliver wide and extensive range of security services to our clients and educate them on best security practices. .